Thursday 24 September 2015

Zoo trip

Last week the year 4 and 3 syndicate went to the Auckland Zoo. My dad came along. I was in his group with Sydney, Lahteesha, Ezrah, Paul and Vea. 
Firstly we saw the sea lions. Swoosh! They splashed water on my face. They did a lot of splashing.  
As we were walking, we saw the cheetahs but they were asleep so that was pretty boring ...  so we moved on and had our morning tea because somebody was hungry? That was me! So we pulled over near the elephants. By the time we were eating they went into the water. Bbbbbbbbbbsh the elephant blew out the water. 
After that we went to see the tarantulas ... eeeeewww! I shouted and plus the others couldn't see them but it was only me who saw it. Right after that we had a bit of monkey business ... well not a bit ... a lot of monkey business because all of us were acting like monkeys! 
Next was the most exciting part of the zoo because we got to see the kangaroos but when we got there they were sleeping so it came to an end. What animals do you like? I like the orangtang.

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Our trip to Auckland zoo

On Monday morning the year four  and three syndicate went to Auckland zoo for our trip. Firstly Miss Brass put us into groups. I was in Timothy's dad's group. The first animal we saw was the baboon. It had a red bottom. The second animal we saw were the penguins. They were hiding under the boat and in the bushes. Thirdly we had morning tea at the elephant place by the cafe then we saw the lion. There were only female lion's. We also saw the flamingos standing on one leg. They were pink. The four animals we saw were the tasmanian devils. It was evil and liked to climb trees on it's own. Also we saw the giraffes which had long necks and long legs.Then after that we went to the play ground to have lunch. We saw the pigs. We had lunch on the dragon. It had a wide mouth with brown  teeth. I  enjoyed going to the zoo because it was my first time at the Auckland zoo and also Scott was a cool leader. After that we went on the bus to school. When we got there I was so excited because I had gone to the Auckland zoo. 

The ugly troll

The  Ugly  Troll.

One day there was an ugly troll. It had one big eye and a small eye. The troll was in the shop and he was smashing everything from the shop. The people in the shop were screaming. Then I shouted, " Stop ugly troll! Get away!" But he didn't stop. So I had an idea and my idea was to make a trap in the  shop. Suddenly when the ugly troll stepped onto the trap mat, a rope came up and then he got  trapped. He was so mad! I  told  the ugly troll to be kind to people and he said yes. Then he said, "Can you put me down." Then we put him down. He started to be kind and we gave him a big hug and he was very very happy.

Facts about animals

  Yesterday our syndicate went to the zoo with the year 3 syndicate.
Lions are big, hairy and they are fast types of animal. They can climb as far they can want and they enjoy the sunset. They can jump high.

                                                                        The first thing we did was get sorted into groups. The first thing my group did was see the red pandas. They were brown, white and black. There are many types of red pandas around the world. Cheetahs are fast animals and they have sharp teeth and  they eat meat. They run after whatever animal they want to eat.   

My Rhyming Poem

Jordan the Gigantic Giraffe is super super tall. He's so tall he's taller than a wall. Jordan the Gigantic Giraffe has a long neck. It is much more longer than a ginormous deck. Jordan the Gigantic Giraffe eats leaves off the trees. Jordan the Gigantic Giraffe is long and also strong. Jordan the Gigantic Giraffe has patches and loves playing with latches.

Trip to the Zoo

On the 24th of August the year 3's and year 4's went to the Auckland zoo. When we got there we split up into groups. Firstly we went to see the sea lions. Next we saw the elephants.

Their names were Anjalee and Burma. After that, we saw the lions and tigers. Suddenly, we found ourselves on a high bridge so we could see better. Then we could see an ostrich, zebras and two huge giraffes. Just then we saw baboons.
Next the parents took us to see the turtles but they were not there so we went to the park. We got twenty minutes to play around so we went on the rope climb. Lastly we had to walk back to where we started. While we were walking we saw kids from another school.When we got back to the start we went into the bus and went back school.

A poem about scary tigers

When a tiger is mad, people get sad. When tigers roar, people get a fright for sure.
 Tigers get meat, to eat.They play with a ball and never ever fall

Tigers are ferocious and atrocious. Tigers are strong they can sprint and run along.

Thank you for reading my poem.

what makes a good zoo keeper

Good zoo keepers train animals. They also look after elephants. Some zoo keepers look after different
animals like crocodiles and turtles. Different zoo keepers clean animals messes and they get really dirty.
The zoo keepers feed the animals because they get really hungry. The zoo keeper worked at Auckland zoo for two years and they give animals a drink. The zoo keepers have a lot of animals in Auckland zoo. The zoo keepers also keep the animals safe from people who are really bad. They always take care of auckland zoo animals so they do not die or get hurt. Some animals can be dangerous but some animals are good in the auckland zoo like the lions and tigers. There can be all kinds of animals and there might even be one of your favourite animals there  like a parrot or a baboon.                                                                                                                                                                              

The Zoo

Hi! I went to the Zoo with Room 11 and Room 12 and Room 13. My group was with Miss Pesaleli. I was with Tulili, Nelly, Prince, Alana and Hazel.
 I saw 2 elephants at the zoo. Their names were Anjalee and Burma. They had a swim in the water. The elephants had big legs and big ears too. They have small eyes and elephant have trunks to get some food into their mouths. Anjalee and Burma are good girls to their zookeepers.
Who am I? I am red and white. I come from a tree and my name is Red Panda! I saw one Red Panda in the zoo. He was black and red. I Love the Red  Panda  because he is so beautiful. I like his face and  I saw him up in the tree. I saw him playing up the tree and he running up in the tree and running down. Red Panda has four legs and he has two small eyes.

I saw five lions. He was climbing down the tree. There were two girls and 3 boys.  I am so happy because I went to the zoo. Lions have small eyes and they have four legs. It has a big back and he for food he loves to eat meat.    

My bad weekend! Oh no!

On Saturday my brothers were pretending to slap me. My parents were watching the Samoa game. At night I drew on their faces then I was fake sleeping. In the morning, my brother's woke and said, "Who drew on our beautiful faces." I got my payback and I laughed and laughed and laughed  until my head almost popped off and then tears started to come down my face. In the afternoon, I told them the truth. I said it was me and I ran outside! They locked me out I went the other way because that way was open then I scared them and I laughed again. My weekend was like that nursery rhyme where I was the first monkey falling off the big bed! I think I'll sing the song about it instead.

Trip to the zoo

In August our school visited the Auckland Zoo. We travelled by bus to get there. When we got there we saw a lot of animals like  zebras and rhinoceros. But my favourite animal out of all of them was the lion, because it is like a little  cat. Lions are dangerous because they have long sharp claws and massive paws.They have strong teeth and they can eat a lot.They eat a lot of meat so thats why you have to  look out for those lions.

I was amazed at the seals under the water. They were showing off, swimming upside down and somersaulting.They were soooo gorgeous.

I really really enjoyed going into the meerkats maze.The meerkats were very small with big googly eyes. They were so cute.

We also saw the Red Panda come out and scamper up the tree. Her fluffy fur coat was so beautiful. When we went around to the elephants, by gee THEY WERE SO  MASSIVE, so we went to see the lizards and spiders. The lizards can change into different colours, but I didn't like the tarantulas. They looked HUMUNGOUS.

My Brilant weekend

                                      On Saturday it was a happy day for me and my soccer team. It was my
                                         Soccer prize giving!!!!! I was so exited. I wondered if I had won something.
                                              In the morning, I got into some colourful clothes and put on some
                                                  shoes. Me and my family zoomed to my soccer club. The first team                                                         was the Toe Toe Cyclones.Then it was my teams turn to get awards.                                                        I won a medal and it was gold. After it was finished me and my                                                                 family zoomed back home.


My favourite lion

    We went to the zoo. I saw a lot of animals at the zoo. The lion is very fast. The lion is tough. He is strong. I saw a big lion.

Saturday 19 September 2015

Trip to the Zoo

On the 24th of August my class visited Auckland Zoo. When we arrived at the zoo, we saw some people walking and talking. Also, we saw lots and lots of animals.We saw cheetahs running around behind the rocks and round and round the trees. After that we saw the giraffes running around and eating fresh leaves from  the trees. While we were walking, we heard the orangutans going ''Ooo Ooo ahh ahh."Also ,we heard the lions going''rorrr rorrr". It frightened me! We went past the kiwi tunnel and we heard interesting sounds.

The zoo trip

On Monday the 24th, the year 4 and 3's went on a trip to the Auckland zoo. It took half an hour to get there.
As soon as we got there, we met two zoo keepers. They showed us where we were going to meet. Afterwards, we met a few animals.
Our teacher put us into 3 groups. I was picked to be in Scott's group. The first animal we saw was the huge sea lion. After that, we went and saw the cute penguin under the baby bath tub. After that, we went and had a little snack and we saw the elephants walking around their home.

As soon as we walked off we met the scary lion. We wanted it to roar

 but it didn't so we carried on to look at the other animals. We saw the zebra walking with the graiffe.

I wanted to see the red panda  but it wasn't there so we walked off and saw the orangutan swinging

on the trees. It had so much fun and freedom.

At 12:00pm we went and learned about footprints, native friends and pests. We learnt about weka, ghecko and tuatara. We went into a little house and we had 3 students go up and make lizard homes for our friends in
New Zealand.


We then went and checked out the fastest animal in the whole wild world which is called the cheetah. It is really fast. It can run 100 laps in one day. Shortly after that,  my group saw the  eels swimming in their tanks with their friends.

Later on, it was lunch time. We sprinted to the dragon playground. We ate on the dragon playground. Finally, we went into the meerkat tunnel. It was so dark! We went in there little tunnel and we didn't know where we were going but we found our way out and it was so easy to get out of the tunnel.

Dora and diego's magical adventure

Dora the explorer and Go Diego Go went to a very magical island. 'Wow it looks so delisioso! Haha," laughed Dora.
While they were walking, Dora and Diego saw a gnome. "Well, hi there!'  said Diego.'Hi my name is Incu' the gnome said. "Would you guys like to go for a swim with the Dolphins?""Oh yes please' replied Dora and Diego.   
When they were swimming, they saw .... Ariel the mermaid. "Hello," said Ariel. How exciting it was and they all enjoyed a swim.
Later on, the new friends had a camp fire. They sung songs and had chocolate marshmallow smores. When it started to get dark, Dora and Diego said goodbye to their friends and went back home. They told their parents about their Magical adventure. What a fantastic day! 

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Our zoo trip

The year four syndicate visited Auckland zoo

with the year three syndicate. The group I was in was Xaidyus' group. In our group were Vea, Ezrah, Lahteesha, Paul and me. The first animal we saw were the sea lions. They were swimming on their 
 backs and one sea lion was spinning around in the water.

   The second animal we saw were the cheetahs. The cheetahs came from Africa from the wild. One cheetah was having a sleep. The other cheetah was running around the other cheetah that was sleeping on the ground and it jumped over the one that was sleeping! That was funny.

The third animal we saw were the penguins. There were three penguins hiding under a boat and one went in the water and one was hiding.
The fourth animal we saw were the lions. One was roaring and the other lion was asleep . Then me and Xaidyus woke up the lion and then it came next to the glass and roared at me and Xaidyus. It had a run around the tree then the mother lion had a fight with the male lion. The lions were scary.

So we carried on looking at the other animals. We saw the Orangutans. The Orangutans were so hairy that I could not see their faces! One Orangutan went up on the tree and the other Orangutan went up on the house. One Orangutan was in bed.

We went up to a little house and we learned facts about the Orangutans. We learned that there was an orangutan that was the strongest orangutan in the whole world. Charlie the Orangutan could lift a plane up with only one hand. Charlie was the strongest animal in the whole world.

Sunday 6 September 2015

Zoo adventure

0n the 24th of August, our class went to the Auckland  zoo with the year three's.When we got to the zoo, I really wanted to see the cheetahs. But the first animal we saw were the sea lions.They were very funny because they were swimming upside down. 

My favourite animal was the orangutang because they were big and hairy. Charlie could lift up a plane tyre and throw it with one hand! That was the highlight of my day.
Me, Tevita and Sydney

When I saw the penguins, they were very cute.
I enjoyed my time at the zoo!