Tuesday 25 March 2014

The rocky shore - By Gene

Here is a picture of me and my friends. Charlene and Jadyn are standing , me and Leilani are kneeling and handsome Henley is right at the front!
Do you know all about the rocky shore?

Some creatures at the rocky shore are chitons, jelly fish, star fish and other kinds.
Sea stars are animals that live in the sea. Some people call them star fish, but they are not fish. All fish have backbones. Sea stars don't have back bones. They don't even have a head!A sea star gets its name from the way it's body is shaped like a star. 
Did you know that a group of fish is called a school? It's just like lots of people are called a group. The little baby fish hide by the mangroves. Do you know why they hide by the mangroves? They hide so the other big fish can't get to them. Some fish are grey and all fish have fins on their body.
I hope you learned heaps about the rocky shore and the ocean.

By Gene!

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Working Together

Today some of the children were working together on some special art we are doing for the rocky shore topic we are studying. Here is a photo of Ciprean and Reko. 
By Henley


Rocky shore trip

On Thursday the 27th of February, all the year 4 students went on a trip.We went to Omana beach to go look at the rocky pools. How much do you know about sea stars? Did you know that they have suckers and can stick to rocks like superglue!
By Henley

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Omana Reserve

This is our rocky shore safari topic that we studied. We looked at filter feeders and other rock pool creatures. We found different kinds of seashells. We all found hermit crabs.
By Carmen

Flashback! Literacy Week! Term One!

During literacy week, Room 11 learnt all about a book called, "The Indian in the cupboard" by an author called Lynne Reid Banks. We made keys, cupboards and    characters. The main characters in the story were Omri,  Little Bull and Patrick. On literacy dress-up day, Miss Pesaleli came dressed up as Little Bull. I thought she looked amazing!

By Johnnivy

Sunday 9 March 2014

Rocky Shore Safari at Omana Reserve...More pics to come!!!!

Charlene found 5 different types of shell!

Sativalee and Pilato 

Can you guess what this is?
Did you think it was tree bark?
Nope! Wrong answer! We were surprised, shocked and AMAZED to find out that this is BALEEN! From an actual baleen whale! They use this fringe to filter out shrimp and plankton from sea water! NEAT ALRIGHT!

We collected all sorts of shells and then sorted them into groups! We know all about 'filter feeding' shell fish!

Check out Reko the 'super spy'!
Luti caught a little shrimp! It almost got away from him!
Last month, we went on a Rocky Shore Safari! We explored the intertidal zone, we studied all sorts of rock pool creatures and had LOADS of fun!!! Check out the first of our photos!