Tuesday 5 August 2014

Otara pools!

On Friday morning room 11 was so excited because we love going to the pools. On friday the 16th of May, we went there on a bus. Ms Andrew came with Room 11to the Otara pools. When I got to school, I took out my plastic bag that had my stuff in it so that I could get changed. I got a black vivid and wrote my name on the plastic bag. After that I went back to my bag and pulled out my book bag then I took out my home work book and my spelling book. I put it in the container. Next, I sat down on my desk and took out my book and started to read. Then I heard Ms Andrew say come and sit down for the roll. Room 11 sat down and Ms Andrew did the roll. 

She then took us out by the office. The bus came and Ms Andrew said, "The front row please walk quietly into the bus." And they did. Then the second line walked quietly onto the bus. We all sat down and wondered what was going to happen. 

When we got to the pools, Room 11 felt so excited! We all love swimming! The first thing Ms Andrew said was for us to go and put on our togs. Then Room 11 had to wait to jump in the pool. Room 12 was in the pool before us. When they were almost finished, they played a game called, "What's the time Mr Wolf." When they played the game, our class laughed because Steve shouted, "It's dinnertime!" And he  went to catch Room 12. And he did. 

Finally it was our turn. We felt so excited! When we jumped in the pool it felt warm. The first thing the coaches did was to split us into equal groups. The coaches names were Steve, Stan and Peter. In Steve's group we had to do freestyle. In Stan's group they also had to do freestyle. In Peter's group, they were swimming using boards. The last part of the lesson was my favourite because we got to play "What's the time Mr Wolf?" too. That was the greatest game ever! When we came back to school, it was morning tea time and everyone was playing. Ms Andrew said, "You can get extra time." 

That was the best Friday ever! By Gene!

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