Wednesday 24 September 2014

My Dragon Wings!

One day, when I was walking through the Auckland forest, I saw a genie. I ran and aksed him what his name was and he said, "My name is Groggin in Spanish." He then said, " I'll give you one wish." I asked him if I could  have dragon wings and then he gave me some dragon wings. I flew everywhere and anywhere I wanted to go! I went to Rainbows End. I flew to the top of the fear fall then I fell down like an arrow to the ground. It was so scary because I was scared of heights. Then I went to Australia to visit my cousin. who asked me to do a big bomb in the pool. It was so big it almost covered the whole of Austraila. I loved my adventures with my dragon wings!

Jump Jam!

In the morning, Room 11 walked over to the courts to do jump jam. Miss Zeier chose me and Sonny bull to lead. The first song we did  was 5678. Me, Sonny bull and Ty were dancing very crazy like monkeys.

The second song we danced to  was car wash. During the car wash dance, it was like we were washing a real car! When we were dancing to car wash we weren't actually washing a car, we were rubbing each others back's, moving and grooving!

When we moved on to the next song (Shrek - Believer) we  danced hard out on that one because that was our last song.

When we finished Jump Jam, me, Sonny bull and Ty were all puffed out.

Year 4 and 3 art lesson with Mr Graham Braddock!

On a bright and sunny day, year 4 and year 3 got ready to go to the hall because a special guest was here to teach us how to draw buldings. When we stopped at the entry, we felt so excited. We had brought a sharp pencil and paper with us. We walked in to see Mr Graham Braddock at the front setting up his art equipment.We sat down in curved lines. We all said hello to him. He wore a golf hat that made him look like he was a golf player! When we finished our art, it looked like we were artists. When we looked up, he had painted his art with different coloured dye. We were surprised he was that good! When we went outside, my tummy was rumbling hard out! What a great art session!

By Johnnivy

Fantastic cats!

Cats are fluffy mammals that belong to human beings. A cat has a tail to help it balance. It has a back bone to keep the back steady. Their whiskers are sensitive. They have fur to them warm.

There were some famous cats from around the world like Puss in Boots.

There are some interesting breeds of cats like a Korat.  The Korat is a gray and a blue russian colour. The Sphinx has grey fur. In history, for thousands of years, cats were first known as pets from ancient Egypt. The people from Egypt built big statues of cats.  Then cats travel upon Rome. And felt like home and thats how cats became pets I hoped you like my story!

Very artistic kids!

Here is Johnnivy and Ciprein doing their art work.

Pilato and Benjamin are doing a great job!
Leon is doing great at his art work.
Here are Hariata, Reko and Xeria doing their art!
Sonny Bull has a neat landscape!
In term three room 11 started our Art exhibition. Here are some pictures of Room 11 starting our city landscapes. Room 11 are now working on our final piece of art.This took us a long time to keep practising and practising our beautiful art.

Do you like our art?

Our amazing art lesson from Graham Braddock!

On August the 22nd, Room 11 and all the Year 4 and 3 students went up to the hall to see Graham Braddock.

This is the paper we were given to help us draw. 
Here is a picture of all of us with paper, markers and magazines to lean on.

This is Graham Braddock showing us how to draw.

He is an artist. We were given some paper and had to draw a shop. I thought we had to draw a house at first but we had to draw a shop. We had to get a pencil from our class and then we got paper. When we got into the hall I saw lines of newspaper, art pencil and black super vivid laid out for us ready for our art lesson.

Mrs Harding is standing by Graham Braddock.

Here is a picture of Gene pulling a funny face.
When I looked at the paper, we already had dots on it to help us know where to start drawing.
With Mr Braddock's help, we drew a dog, a girl, a man, a baby and a shop.

Here is Leilani and Gene and their art.

This is Graham Braddock drawing. He added some coloured dye to his picture at the end.

When I looked at the paper, we already had dots on it to help us know where to start drawing.
With Mr Braddock's help, we drew a dog, a girl, a man, a baby and a shop.

Graham Braddock is an amazing artist! You should have a look at his work!

Crazy monkeys at jump jam!

In the morning Room 11 walked over to the Jump Jam aerobics area and Miss Zeier asked me, Ty and Luti to go up and do jump jam. Miss Zeier told us that we have to do the dance '5678' like crazy monkey's!

In the morning, the senior school always get pumped up for the day with Jump Jam aerobics!

Miss Zeier chose some of our class to be the leaders! We did the car wash
 song and during the 'washing' bit, we were doing moves like the duggie and it was funny! I made silly faces.

Shortly after that, we did "I'm a believer from the movie Shrek and my favorite bit was when we walked up like we were really cool and shimmied our shaking shouders back.

The last dance we did was Superstar! It was cool because you get to do your own pose. We did ninja's and supermen. 

Thanks Miss Zeier for choosing us to be leaders!

Fantastic trip to Motat

This is the tram I went on.
On Thursday the 17th of July, I went to Motat. Did you know that they have loads of electronic stuff just like cars and trams that were really old in the late century. 
When we were looking around we saw a  room that was dark. It had nets, cushions and speakers so they people could hear us. When I was in the dark room, I was with Angel-lee and Christopher who are my church friends.
Next we went into this science house where they taught us about what they have in cars, buses and trams.Then we had lunch which were Nutella sandwiches and then we went around the city on the tram..After that, we all went on the bus and came back home.

                          This is a strange looking thing.                                                     
This is the mirror maze at motat.                

Tuesday 16 September 2014

About myself

Hi! My name is Ngahoa and I am going to tell you about myself. I like to play sport and
I have 5 sister's and 2 brother's. I am eight years old. My mum's name is call Teokotai and my dad's
name is Phillip. My dad and I like to watch netball on tv. Me and Elisa and my aunt call Akui love to go to Dawson park to play touch. My birthday is on August the 21st. I love to go and visit my sister's home. My big big big sister's name is Porohu and my little sister's name is Porohu too! She is 8 and her birthday is on August the 17th!
By Ngahoa.

The magical duck pond

WOW! Look at these geese swimming along in the beautiful duck pond. I notice the birds have fluffy feathers like a hairy dog.
I see people feeding the hungry birds bread. Look at these beautiful flowers in the amazing gardens. I hate the scary bird feathers scattered everywhere on the grass.
I smell fresh food and can hear people's tummies rumbling. The birds are chirping. I hear birds splashing in the magical duck pond.
I think people are shivering because it is freezing outside. I think the birds are very happy that they got feed from the kind people.
Finally, me and my family can go and have our own feend and a great time at McDonalds for dinner.

Cute kitten!

Kittens are playful. They love to play all the time. Kittens look like little cats and are very cute. They look adorable!

Kittens eat wet and dry food but if they meow, give them some milk or water. If you own a kitten, you are going to have to be responsible and clean it and keep it happy. It will need a warm place to sleep and some friends to play. 

I love Kittens!

Going to Tangaroa College

 On Friday, the year 4 and year 3 students were so happy to be going to Tangaroa college for a special visit.When we got there, we saw someone coming. He was a drama teacher named David who told us about what was happening that day. We walked up to the big hall and saw people and kids sitting down on the chairs. We sat down too. We watched a funny show. It was funny because a boy student was dressed as a girl.

Thursday 11 September 2014

Leprechaun Limerick

A Leprechaun is very tiny 
 it's gold is very shiny
 it's very very sneaky
 but a little bit stinky 
and a teeny tiny bit whiney.

A very sneaky leprechaun

A leprechaun is so speedy 

And also very cheeky

He's a bit of a shorty

And very naughty

A leprechaun is so sneaky.