Monday 24 November 2014

My time in year 4!

At the start of the year I felt very nervous because I didn't know the teachers.

Learning goals I have met...

My learning goals I have met have been in  writing, math, editing and spelling.

Friendships I have made this year...

Friendships I've made this year: Sonny Bull, Ty, Scott and Henley because they were my friends last year.

Favourite activities...

My favourite activities this year were going to AFL, Coach Paris and going to music.

Biggest challeges...

My biggest challenges were in cross country and kicking the ball in AFL.

Academic goals for next year...

My goals for next year will be good and sit next to good people like Reko.
This is Sonny Bull and he is as fast
as Usain Bolt.
He is as naughty and cheeky as
a monkey
This is Ty and he is the 2nd fastest
in our class.

My Year In Review 2014

This is me!
At the start of the year I felt scared because I had bad thoughts about my teacher being so scary!

The learning goals I had achieved this year is running for long distances, writing more detail in my writing , learning 
my times tables, improving on my art and learning maths.
Some cool art

Friendships I have made this year have been with Ngahoa because she is never ever bossy to me and Carmen because she is never mean to me.

My favourite activity is art because you can use your imagination and science because 
you get to learn new stuff!

The biggest challenge for me was cross country because you had to run for a long distance….. but I came third overall!

My academic goals for next year will be writing creative stories!

Behavioural goals for next year will be always staying good and never being mean!
This is Sativalee

My year in review - 2014

When I left year 3 I was sad because I was moving houses. We moved to Othello. Me and my sister came to Dawson Primary. My learning goal for this year was improving on running, maths, science, and reading. The friends I have made this year are Ciprein, Reko, Pilato, and Rayhan. My favourite activities are ICT, Maths, and Science. The biggest challenge for me is PE. My goal for next year is to be better at writing. My behavioural goal for next year is to pay attention.
Here is a picture of mysef

My Year In Review!

At the start of the year I felt shy and nervous because I'm wasn't used to my new teachers - I was only used to my old teacher Miss Hickson.                                                                                                          

Learning goals I have met this year is skip counting, not reading a story blindly, understanding what the words in a story mean, reading properly and lucky last Is levelling up  in my reading.
This is Salarina. She is on the school council!
This is me!

Friendships I have made this year are with: Reko because he's close to me. 
I get along with Ciprien too and the reason why I like him is because he's hilarious! 
Scott has been a good friend because he's always there for me. 
Rayhan has always helped me out. 
Benjamin always encourages me,
Fohe because he's funny.
Roy -  the reason why I like him is because he always cheers me up,
Pilato always plays with me.
Lastly - Navneet because he's my best friend.

This year my favourite activities have been FMS (because it gives you heaps of energy), AFL (the reason why I like it is because it's very interesting) and basketball because i like bouncing balls.

Biggest challenges for me this year has been in cross coutry because we had to run around the whole school, doing back criss crosses up to 10 times …it was very difficult.

My academic goals for next year is to learn how to cook and garden.

My behavioural goal for next year is try not to make silly noises.

My year in year 4-2014

This is Luti and he is handsome and as cute
as a butterfly.
This is one of my best cousins in
the whole world - Scott.
This is the fastest man in our class - Sonny Bull.
Hi my name is Ty and I am the 2nd fastest in
our class.
At the start of the year I felt hungus because we had too many people in our class.

My learning goals I have met are in maths. When I achieved maths I started working on reading because at first I couldn't be bothered to answer any questions for our reading tasks.  But now I'm good at it!
I've learnt how to be sensible with other people and to create some cool blog posts. We have made many blogs about things we do at school.

The friendships I have made are with Scott, Luti and Sonny Bull. I know how to be kind and how to take care of my little brother.

My favourite adjectives are cool, fancy and blue shiny car.

The biggest challenge for me this year was in cross country and kiwidex.

My writing goals for next year are to get better at concluding words and my capital letters.

My behaviour next year is going to be siting with other people and play sensible.

Thank you! By Fohe

Thank you mum for my shoes. Thank you dad for taking me to the city. Thank you dad for my food. Thank you mum for  taking me to school. Thank you mum for taking me shopping. Thank you Miss P for being a great teacher!

Sunday 23 November 2014

Blazing fireworks

Ohh look!  Colourful fireworks.

Even the bad boys are loud.

Bang! Bang! Fireworks everywhere.

Night of the fireworks.

Fire! Fire!

In the night …  fireworks booming around.

Rockets flying everywhere.

Now thats loud.

I like the kaboom noise.

Going in 3.2.1 Kaboom!

How high the fireworks go.

Time to shoot.

Thank you! By Roy

Thank you Dad for  taking me to the park.
This is a picture of me!

Thank you mum  for  the yummy dinners! 
Thank you Miss  P for being a great teacher!

Thursday 20 November 2014

My year in review-2014

At the start of the year I felt as fresh as a new year 4 with some of the people I had never met before.

The learning goals I have met the most this year are in math and reading because times tables were hard and there were always hard questions in reading. I'm happy I have improved!

The friendships I have made this year are with Henley, Luti, Ty and Scott because all of them are really fun and silly (especially Luti!)

My favourite activities this year were AFL, FMS and basket ball because they taught us very good skills.

My biggest challenge was cross country because I wasn't really sure I was going to win… but I did!

Next year my goal is going to be to not get in trouble most of the time. My behaviour is going to be good and I will be nicer to other people.

Tuesday 18 November 2014

My Fun Weekend


The Park

In the weekend I went to the park. I went on the slide and I went on the monkey bars to climb up. I went to sleep when I went home.

By Roy

Monday 10 November 2014


IN the holidays my family and I went to Manukau mall to watch two movies. When we got to the movies me and my three sisters chose THE MAZE RUNNER. Meanwhile my parent's and my two brother's chose IN TO THE STORM. That moment we shot off to Pak'n'save and bought six bags of Extra butter pop corn and also drinks with Rasberry trumpets (it was a four pack). Afterwards we went back to the movies and gave in our tickets. It wasn't fair because my parent's and two brothers had chairs but with the Recliner's. After the movies were finished, we went to the arcade to play some games. After the games we went home and had tea with delicious cookies.


My Dad's Birthday.

On Friday, it was my Dad's birthday. When I got home I saw my aunty in the garage decorating the walls with balloons and decorations. 

Next, I sat on the chair and helped my aunty blow up the balloons. 

Just then, my family was cooking Potato Salad, Giblets, Sausauses, Meat Patties and Salad.

Suddenly, me, my aunty and my uncle's wife went to pick up the cake.

After that, we got to a beautiful house.

Just then, my aunty went to knock on the door and she gave the cake to my aunty then she said, "thank you." She gave her cupcakes too.

Suddenly, I saw the cake! It was a flame beer but it looked beautiful.

After that, we got home and everybody said, "Wow! that looks yum!"

Just then, we heard my dad outside with my aunty talking then my dad opened the garage then we shouted ..  "Surprise" then we blew our whistles.

Afterwards, we sang in tongan and then my papa read a bible passage and said a prayer.

Just then we ate and drank fizzy drinks. That was my best day ever!