Tuesday 26 August 2014

My fantastic holiday!!!

In the holidays, my family and I went to Syliva park to go to the movies. When we got to the movies, we went to watch "How to train a dragon 2." When we went inside the cinema, my sister
Stella said that it was boring in the beginning than nearly at the end Stella said it was cool as because she liked how Hiccup  and toothless got the dragons back.

After the movies we went to, Extreme bowling. When we got there my brother, cousin and I ran straight inside and played on the amazing games. When the rest of my family came in my dad payed for the bowling and 8 game cards that were $5 each but it was ok because he had $320.

When he had payed for the stuff that we needed, we went to the bowling spot and played.
At the end of the game, the winners were my mum, little sister and me.

After all of that, me and my dad went to the cake shop and bought a cake for my mum's birthday. We then went home to do the chocolate and strawberry cake. That was the greatest holiday ever!

Awesome facts about sharks!

Sharks are called predators that live under sea. Sharks have fins to go fast and they are older than dinosaurs.

Sharks have been living on earth for about 200 million years. Very few ancient sharks turned into fossils but a lot of their teeth did! This tooth (left) measures twelve cent and belonged to a monster shark called megalodon. A great white shark tooth is this size. The basking shark is the worlds second largest fish  and it swims with it's mouth open to catch microscopic sea creatures. Some sharks that live in the deepdark parts of the ocean make their own light. The jaw  of a mega-mouth shark  gives out silvery glow.


 This is the basking shark.

This is the great white shark.

Queensland game

On Sunday me and my family watched the Queensland game. We ate until the game started. While we were eating, finally the game started!

When the game started I was yeling loud. My dad was excited and he yelled, "LET'S GO QUEENS LAND!" When I saw Queensland get a try, I put on my t-shirt!

Racing cars!Brrrrmmm!

Do you know what a racing car is? If you don't,  I will tell you all about them.

A racing car is a type of car that races with other racing cars. The top speed for this racing car is 380KM. A racing car has gears inside it and racing cars are colourful.

When they race, the driver always wears a helmet. A racing car has a plate number at the back and at the front.

A racing car has a number on the side of the racing car.

Did you enjoy my story about racing cars?

Sunday 24 August 2014

My fantastic weekend

On Saturday, I went to the Otara scorpions game. I saw Sativalee and her sister Taylar. When my team the Reedemer's were playing, Tiare got faulted because the team we were supposed to play were the Charlies Angels and they didn't turn up. So, our team won! We had hot dogs and fizzy drinks for lunch.
After that, we went on the park. The thing that I liked most was the swings because they went high in the air. Soon, my mum and dad came and I watched my other team Reedemer Hibiscis played very well. The  crowd began to cheer and they got 11 points and the other team got nine. My dad wanted to watch the Stingers. I didn't quite know what they had for their points but I did know that they were above 30.

Lastly, I felt tired so my mum and my sister Cheerokee went in the van while I played on my Ipod.  My sister wanted to play on it but I ignored her and put my purple head phones on! In the end, we went home and I had a quick shower.

We then went for a walk to coin save to buy something to play with and five pies and a packet of lollies. Then I went back home and had pies for tea. We only bought five pies so I had to half  a piece for my little brother. I hope you enjoyed reading my story! Yay!

Thursday 7 August 2014

Mysteriously cool missionaries

In my cool weekend, two missionaries came to my nana's house and talked to me about  getting baptised on Friday the 8th of August. They told me if I pray everyday they will give me a lolly. The cool missionaries gave me a book of Mormon stories and I read the book of Mormon stories every night with my mum. When I get tired  I close the book of Mormon and I pray.