Wednesday 3 December 2014

At the the start of the year I felt: nervous but happy at the same time. Mrs Funaki called out my name to be in room eleven. At first I wasn't comfortable but throughout the year I felt better.

Learning goals I have met: writing fancy titles in writing. In maths I have learnt a faster way to solve answers and learning about the Titanic and leprechauns and how to draw.

The friend ships I have made this year:

First friend ship was Ngahoa. She is good to to play with.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                There's another friend I have called Carmen - she's like Salarina but she's an awesome helper because she helps us with everything and she is really awesome to playwith.


Massive challenges for me:

Cross country practice and the dance practises for the concert - those were my biggest challenges.


Academic goals for next year - be focused and to achieve many things!


Behavioural goals for next year:


my ones are listen and payattintion and be very good

 my best activites: are p.e because it fun and and makes you fit and writing because you will become are good writing

My year in year 4

At the start of the year: I felt so sad, happy, great and joyful.

Learning goals I have met: doing writing because I didn't know how to write well and now I know.
Ngahoa has been a great friend because she is so helpful, kind and caring. Leilani has been a good friend because she is loving, joyful and happy. Aaliyah just came to Dawson school and I like her because she is tooo brainy. Aaliyah is so very helpful like Ngahoa.

Favourite activities; It is music because you can have so much fun and art because you can do anything you want and bastketball because you can learn different skills every day.

Biggest challenges for me; Is math. Sometime it gets hard to do sometimes I can do it. 

My year in review 2014

This is Navneet
        At the start of the year I felt so scared because I just started.
My learning goal I have met are using capital letter's, using sequencing words, full stops and writing an introduction in writing. Special friendship's I have made this year are with Reko because he's helpful and good and Navneet.

This is me!

Titanic Sinks

On the 15th of April 1912, the Titanic was going on it's maiden voyage.

The Titanic had a captain called Edward John Smith. Captain Edward was going to retire from travelling from one place to another by ship. Edward J. Smith had 37 years as a captain and 50 years at sea. Captain Edward was White Star Line's most experienced officer. He was also known as the millionare's captain. Captain Edward had a lot to feel happy about.

First Class passengers got to have a gymnasium, squash court , swimming pool and Turkish bathrooms. Passengers in first class had to pay a lot of money like $400.00. First class had the most fanciest rooms. First class had an enormous grand stair case.

The Titanic hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean. The iceberg was so huge. The ship had a hull in the back and the Titanic started breaking into two. The other half started   sinking at the same time as the other one. Passengers hopped into lifeboats. There were not that many lifeboats so lots of people died. There were 710 survivors and 1,517 people died.

The Titanic is going on it's maiden voyage
I hope you enjoyed my  information  report  about  the  Titanic.
This is the RMS Titanic sinking!

This is Edward John Smith

Tuesday 2 December 2014

My Year In Review 2014

             * At the start of the year I felt really nervous because I was in a different class with a new       teacher.

* My learning goals I have met are... full stops, capitals, adjectives, sequencing and introduction. I met  all those so I'm happy I got better at it.
 Freindship's I have made this year were with...  Aaliyah, Fusi , Gene. Savannah, Ngahoa, Carmen, Leilani, Salarina and Kryzlah. All these people are special to me because they are kind and caring.

*My favourite  activities are snakes and leaders, buddy swap and running. I like running because I am a sporty person.

*My biggest  challenges were when it was cross country race, I thought I was going to come last but I came first!

*My academic goals for next year are … speiling.

 *My behaviour goal for next year is…to be good because all my years in school I have been a good girl! 

This is me!
This is Salarina!

        This is Carmen, 
she is a kind and caring person.

My year in review

*At the start of the year I felt nervous because I thought that I was not going to be good at rulling up my lines in my own book.                                                                                                                                          

*The things I have achieved this year are ruling up lines, how to read fluently all the time, how to use my tidy tens, how to use the thesaurus for any meanings, and sharpening my own pencils.

*The friendships I have made this year are with Ngahoa, Sativalee, Salarina, Xeria,and Aaliyah because they are kind and caring and special to me.

*My favourite activities I've enjoyed this year is cross country training, jumping for far distances and sprinting  because it makes my heart pump fast.

*One of my biggest challenges is trying to beat my time for maths.

*My academic goals for next year is trying my best to write a concluding
sentence for my writing.

*My behavioural goals for next year is to be a responsible role model and showing 
respect to little kids.




My year in review-2014

*At the start of the year I felt nervous going to a higher level and learning higher stuff then year 3 and I was scared metting a new teacher.

* Learning goals I have met have been with writing, spelling, art, music, ruling up lines and when I do my basic facts for maths.

* Friendships I have  this year are Sativalee, Aaliyah, Charlene, Xeria, Leilani and Salarina.I  wanted to be friends with Sativalee, Aaliyah, Charlene, Xeria, Leilani because they are kind and caring friends.

* My favourite activies I have done this year have been playing with happy and caring friends, being the messenger for Miss Pesaleli and colouring pieces of art work with bright colourful colours.

* The biggest challenges for me has been learning to cut with sissors because when I was in year 3 I kept on cutting the black line by acident and using Ipads.

* Academic goals for next year is writing neatly, getting my spelling correct every Friday and getting my homework right every time.  
 * Behavioural goals for next year is staying focused on school work and being a responsible person.

My Year in review - 2014

At the start of the year I felt: So Nervous that I meet a new Teacher called Miss Pesaleli.

Learning goals I have met: Doing Writing because when I was an Year 3 I did not know how to spell but when I came in Year 4 I knew how Spell.

Friendships I have made this year are with:

Leilani - because she is a loving, caring and helpful girl. 

Ngahoa - is a hard working and a helpful girl. 

Aaliyah - was new and she came to Dawson but when she came here she was always helpful.

Favourite activities: 

Music - because you get to sing and have so much much fun.

Art - because you get to paint or draw beautiful art work.

Reading because we get to draw and colour.

Biggest challenges for me: 

Spelling because you will have to figure out tricky words

Art because when you paint and have to stay in the line 

Maths because when you do it's hard for me.

Academic goals for next year:

Is Maths because I get confused and mixed up with some equations.

Behavioural goals for next year:

Is being kind, caring and nice to other people.

The end of my year in Room 11!

                                             The end of the year for room 11!
                                At the start of the year I felt shy to see my new teacher but all of my friends were there.          

                                My learning goals that I have achieved this year have mostly been in reading, writing, maths and spelling.      

                                 Friendships I have made this year are with Luti because he is funny and silly, Ty because he is so handsome and he came 3rd in cross country, and Sonny-Bull because he is fast and strong.

My favourite activities are sports (because it is super fun) and science because it's good for learning.

 Academic - my goals for next  year is learning to cook and garden.

Behavioural - my goals for next year is don't talk to others but complete all my work!

My spooky weekend

On Friday me and my friend went to a party. We were helping to set up. We put up everything we put plastic pumpkin's on the tables. After we did everything we went to buy some face paint and we painted our hands like bats. When the kids came, we painted  spider webs and bats on the kid's faces and that made them happy. We were chucking lollies everywhere. The lollies looked like eyeballs, mouths, teeth, noses, toes, fingers and other stuff. After we were done, we were going to have fun but then my dad was there so I had to go home. Then..... my dad gave my mum some money to pay for some pizza. He gave my mum 20 dollar's and 50 cents. We were looking for our dad. We couldn't find him, but I said, "Is he in the garage?" So I went to the garage and he was in there. My sister Evyn was yelling out to me that the pizza man was here and so I told our dad dinner was here so he came inside to have dinner. After we were done, we were sleepy and so we went to bed.

The End Of My Time In Room 11

This is me-->
At the start of the year, I felt really shy in Room 11.
Learning intentions I have met is knowing when to use full stops, capital letter's, making interesting titles, and writing an introduction.
Friendsships I have made this year adel with Reko, Leon, Roy, Sonny Bull, Ty, Luti, Ciprein and Pilato.
My three favourite activities I like are maths, fitness and running around the field.  My biggest challenge has been learning to use a scissors.
Academic goals for me for next year is I'm going to be setting high standards.
Behavioural goals for me next year is to behave.