Tuesday 8 August 2017

Our Diwali Celebration

This term Room 11 and Room 13 have been learning about celebrations and traditions from all around the world. We have been looking very closely at Diwali. How it is celebrated and why it is celebrated. As a syndicate we decided to complete Diwali tasks and crafts. We made colour sand rangoli patterns and made some lanterns out of jewels. We created origami elephants with fancy costumes as well as coloured in brightly a patterned elephant picture. After two busy afternoons have turns at the different activities we sat down and Miss E had organised us some Diwali snacks to try. One was very spicy, another one was like a milk biscuit and there was also one that was like a pancake but in the shape of a circle. 


Do you know about Diwali? well I do. When Hindu's celebrate Diwali they celebrate the good over evil and they use fireworks and they go and buy new clothes and it is beautiful and colourful.

Hindu people who celebrate Diwali go to other people houses during Diwali and say "happy Diwali"  to them and they give a delicious plate of food.

Did you know that they go and buy their clothes from the markets and they celebrate it in India and all over the world. They put beautiful lights over there homes.

By Ngatokorua