Monday 4 August 2014

A Wonderful Time At Rainbow's End

On the 19th of July my aunty Selau and my uncle Kosane took me, my sisters and my little brother Denzel to Rainbow's end. My aunty Selau had to pay 50 dollars!
As we walked inside, a lady put a yellow bracelet on me, my sister Danielle and my uncle Kosane while my aunty Selau took my sister Katherine and my brother Denzel to the Kids kingdom.
After we got our yellow bracelets, my uncle Kosane took me and Danielle to the roller coster. There was a long line. Soon, it was our turn. We sat in the back carriage because that's the one that goes really fast. It was fun! 
Afterwards, my aunty Selau bought chips for all of us. The
chips were so yummy.
Next my uncle Kosane took me and Danielle to the Stratosphere. As it was our
turn, we sat on the number 22 seat. Suddenly, the ride was about to start! As it started rotating, it felt like I could see the whole world. Next, we went on the fearfall. At first it was good, after a moment it got scary but I stayed calm.
When it was the end of the day, we went to KFC for dinner. We bought a drink, chicken, gravy, salad and four kids meals. Finally, we went home for a sleep. It was the best day ever!

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