Zoofari 24.5.17



Cooking and Gardening 8.2.17
We went to cooking and gardening and it was our first time there! We got to make yummy sweetcorn cupcakes which had plenty of healthy ingredients the students all loved. Cannot wait to go again at the end of the term!

Cloud Watching 7.2.17
First we looked at a cloud poem
in class and then we went out side
and looked up at the clouds.
We all picked one cloud and made a
poem about that one cloud. We had to think
of where it might have come from and what
does it look like, what does it do and
where it might end up.
Then we went back inside and
wrote our short poems and shared them with the class.

Friendship Fruit Salad 1.2.17
After we finished making our salad we all got to try it!
It was very tasty! 
On 1st Feb Rm11 made friendship fruit salad,
each fruit represented attributes we wanted in our classroom.
These strawberries represented 'SWEET WORDS'
The kiwifruit represented helpfulness, the apple represented
kindness, marshmallows represented family/love, blueberries
represented hard workers and the orange represented positivity.

Miss E tried to add the food scraps into our salad!
eww! these food scraps represented bullies, mean
words and negativity. We all decided that we did not
want these in our class our our yummy salad.

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