Rm 11's Outstanding Work!!!

 Look At All The Work We Have Been Doing!

10-3-17: We have been learning a lot about marine pollution. How it affects the sea creatures and what we can do to help with the situation. One of the ways Room 11 decided they could help was to keep our school clean and free of litter that could make its way to the ocean. Therefore today we found ourself out and about the school picking up rubbish in small groups. Then we brought it all back to class to see what we had found. We found all sorts from socks and broken jandals to food rubbish. We as a class ended up deciding that to make our wall display about marine pollution we would use this rubbish. So we reused the rubbish and turned it into an amazing wall display. 
We colour coded our rubbish and sat in
groups to cut it up
Some of us used multicoloured rubbish
We all worked as teams to help complete our
sea creatures. 

We have been working on some fantastic self portraits to start the year. 
We learnt the proportions of the face and how to mix colours using colouring pencil. 





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