Wednesday 7 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

It might be summer but Room 11 is having a winters christmas filled with special treats, and hand knitted beanies from Miss E's mum. Thank you Miss E's mum. We love our new beanies and they sure will keep us warm next winter. 
Have a safe and happy holiday every one! 
See you all next year. 

From Room 11

Thursday 1 December 2016

Attacking Animals

Animals always argue against anything. Alligator Ana abandoned Ardmores adventures. Ardmore’s adventure accidentally approach Animal Alleyway. Although Alligator Ana and Ardmore agreed against arguing another animal annoyed Ardmore and attacked. Alligator Ana and Ardmore are avoiding another animal argument. After Animal Alleyway Ardmore and Alligator Ana adventured American. Although animals attacked again.

By Ardmore & Judelexus