Monday 12 May 2014

Rocky Shore by Ty

On Thursday the 27th of February, the sun was pretty outside.The year 4 and 5 students from our school went to the Omana Reverse. First, we had morning tea and then we went to the toilets. Room 12 and Room 8 got to go to the rocky shore first and our class and Room 13 went for a walk with teachers and the parents. When we went for a walk we saw some mangroves and they grow from mud. When we saw the mangroves, we saw webs hanging from trees.When we were in the forest we looked like we were hunting for something! We then played on the park by the drive way next to the toilets. Then we had lunch and finally it was Room 11 and 13's turn to go on the rocky shore. We found a sea anemone on a rock and I saw some barnacles on rocks too. I saw spiny tubeworms - they are sneaky! We all had a fantastic time!

Flying saucer

Last night I peered out of the window and I saw a flying saucer and out came aliens! There were two of them! They came into my room and I hid under my bedThey walked in to my mum's room then they walked back into mine! I came out from under my bed,  I got a bat and I cast the aliens outside and back into their flying saucerAnd they flew away with a .... shooooooo!

Visting the new baby

On May the 9th, me and my family went to Middlemore hospital to see my sister in law's new baby. We were so happy to see him! Firstly we went to the shop and bought some flowers and chocolate and then we went to the hospital. The next day, my brother and Elisa went to buy a car seat for the baby. Elisa and my brother went to pick up my sister in law and the baby from the hospital.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

The Awesome Manukau Cinema by Salarina

On Tuesday, my aunty Selau took me and my sisters to the Manukau Cinema. We went there because we wanted to see the Lego movie. Meanwhile, we all jumped in my uncle Kosane's van. While my aunty Selau drove us all the way to Manukau Cinema, me and my sisters were very excited because it was our first time. Soon, we went to find a car park to park. Then we went inside to get our popcorn and drinks, and we went into cinema eight to watch Lego movie. When we got in there my sisters were too excited but I was very calm. Suddenly, the movie started. In the movie there was a guy called Emmet and a girl called Wild Style. They are very funny. When the movie finished we all went home. When we got home me and my sisters were very sad it was over! I had lots of fun at the Cinema.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Splish Splash Fun at the Pools! By Malakai

On saturday, my family and I went to Otara pools because we were  hot and board. Firstly, I woke up and brushed my teeth and I was feeling happy.

Next, I had breakfast and I wash my bowl. Soon, I jumped in the car and I was feeling mad and hot but when we got to the Otara pools we were happy - and so cold! My favourite part was playing with my new friend I'd just met in the 1.20M pool.


                                               THE END

All About Me

Hi! I am sativalee. I am 8 years old. I go to Dawson primary school. My birthday is on September  the 17th. I have a little sister named Taylar. She is 5 years old. Taylar goes to the same scool as me. I also have 2 brothers. Their names are Kenneth and Shiloh. Shiloh is 3 years old and Kenneth is 1 year old. My mums name is Maxine. She is 28 years old. My favourite sport is netball.

All about myself!

This is a picture of an emperor penguin.
Hello. My name is Reko and I go to Dawson school. I have a big sister and she comes to Dawson school as well. I have a big brother and he is 20 years old. My mum's name is Priscilla and she is 40 years old. My favourite topic is learning about emperor penguins. I love to read books about them. I also like the planets in the solar system!