Tuesday 12 September 2017

Our Fire Drill

How To Stay Safe During A Fire At Dawson School

Step One: When you hear the fire alarm sound, walk calmly outside and line up.
Step Two: Wait quietly and calmly in line for your teacher.
Step Three: Follow your teacher walking in line to the courts outside the lunch room.
Step Four: Sit down in your lines and wait for your teacher to call the roll.
Step Five: When your name is called say “YES” loudly. 
Step Six: Wait quietly for Mrs Funaki or Mrs Harding to tell us what is going on.

Step Seven: Wait for the next instruction from your teacher.

Thursday 7 September 2017

Squirtle The Turtle

I see the beautiful patterns on turtles shell. I also see the turtles wobbly legs shaking. 

I hear it's sharp nails scratching against the container. I also hear the grass making a different noise as the turtle crawls. 

I smell the yuck smell of the left over water in the container. I also smell the fresh air as it refreshes me. 

I feel the hard shell that protects the turtle. I also feel a little bit scared to touch it. 

I wonder what kind of turtle species he is? 

By Alexis

Meet Squirtle

On Thursday the 7th of September. A group of students looked at Mrs Brass' turtle who is called Squirtle. We were looking at it because we are learning to add more detail into our stories by describing using our 5 senses. See, hear, feel, touch, smell, and taste. We are also learning to conclude our stories with an I wonder statement. We got to take Squirtle for a walk out on the grass. We learnt a lot about him and his species of turtle. Afterwards we went inside and wrote about Squirtle.

By Alexis & Milika