Wednesday 9 December 2015

Message from Miss Pesaleli to Room 11 2015...



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You have all done a fantastic job this year. It has been a pleasure going on this learning journey with you all!

Thank you for all the effort you have put into learning this year. I look forward to hearing about the wonderful successes you all will have in the future!

I wish you all the best of luck for 2016.

Have a happy and safe holiday and I shall see you all in the new year!

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testing your brain

Hello children. How about trying out my quiz.

At the beginning of the year 'Year 4' went on a trip to SONSHYNE BRANCH.

1. The seat on a horse is called a ...?
A} paddle  B} cradle  C} saddle  D} treadle

2.What is the name of a baby goat ...?
A} Sid  B} kid  C} lid  D} did

3.On a horse, the strap for your foot is called a ...?
A} stirrup  B} pickup  C} standup  D} hopup

4. Another name for a pig?
A} dine  B} grime  C} vine  D} swine

5. How many activities were there at the water-course.?
A} 3   B} 6   C} 4   D} 7   E} 5

Year 4 went on a ZOO TRAP also in Term 3.

1. What is the name of our new elephant at the zoo?
A} Angelina  B} Angela  C} Anjilee  D} Angola

Animal poem - Reddy Red Panda

Red pandas are red but they don't eat bread.

They like to climb trees, so they can feel the breeze. 

If you get up close to them, they will scratch you like a big fat hen. 

Red pandas are really really cute - makes you want to toot. 

They are red and white but be careful they can bite.

Saturday 5 December 2015

My Cousins Birthday

On Saturday, I went to my cousin Jayden's birthday party at church. At the birthday, there was dark chocolate, mud cake, coke, bbq, a bouncing castle, cupcakes, visitors like my dad and some church members! We all came together and started a prayer because my cousin was turning five. After the prayer, we all started eating. I ate a sausage, potato and hot chips. After we ate, me and my friends started playing cops and robbers. I was a robber with my friend Ana. We stole the lollipops from the table and the cops started chasing us around the spider man bouncing castle and we got caught from the cops and they forced us to put the lollies back.



On Monday, it was a bright and sunny day. I got up and told my sister to wake up so we could go and ask our mum if we could go to bounce and beyond - the coolest place ever . Thankfully our mum took us and I bought along my cute little puppy Vulcan. So off we went on our way to bounce & beyond with some packed food for my cute puppy vulcan! We didn't bring food for us because we were going to eat the yummy food at bounce and beyond. When we got there, we put our socks on.  Then we played and played until it was lunch time... yummy! After we finished our delicious fruit salad, I fed my cute adorable pet Vulcan because he sounded like he was dying to eat. After I fed Vulcan, I went back and had a long last play with my sister and my friends. Then we went to our aunty's house to get some kittens to play with then we went back home and had a lovely sleep with Vulcan.      

My Scary Helloween

On Saturday night I went to my cousins house for a sleepover. Firstly, we baked vanilla ghost cupcakes. Secondly we made a halloween scary play. Thirdly we watched The walking dead with my mum and cousin and aunty. Later on, we went and ate our cupcakes. Finally we got to have a pillow fight which was our favourite part of the night.

The Haunted House

One day Sponge Bob was at driving school. He was learning how to stop the car and turn into a street.
At 2pm, Sponge Bob heard a rattling noise up in the sky. He went to check outside, and what did he see but an evil witch trying to take over a school.
Sponge Bob tried to stop her but she was so strong that she took over the driving school

Saturday 28 November 2015

Fathers day

On Sunday, me and my brother gave our Father a new watch and also we gave our Father some new shoes too. On that day my family went to the pools with my cousins too. When we arrived to the pools I got changed into my togs and off we went into the pool. I shouted to my mum if me and my cousins can play with her coins. My mum had to chuck her money into the pool and me and my cousin had to try get the money under the water and it was the first one to ten and I won.  Then we went to McDonald's for lunch and I had a frozen grape.

After that me and my father went to go give my cousins dad a new blue car. We had to spend our money on that car because my cousins  dad did nothing for fathers day.

Magical castle

One day a man called Superman followed an evil witch to a magical castle.
Superman looked though the evil witches window and the witch was putting a spell on a villager. Superman looked at the back of the witches castle and found a beach. On the beach he found treasure. 
Superman opened the treasure and he was so rich he brought a new shiny car.

What to do during an earthqauake

If it rumbles then get to a clear place
where there are no builidings and if you are driving in a car then stop. 
if you are at home then just go under  a table then and follow these three  steps and be safe. 

Star fish

 Starfish are slimy and bumpy like rocks.
Skinny are some with colours all over like a colourful rainbow. 
Gliding along the beautiful sea. 
Some are found in Kelly Tarltons and also in Tonga and mostly all over the world.
 Have you ever felt a starfish before? If you have, you'll know what it feels like.                 

The Evil Witch

One day, it was very sunny and beautiful. Everyone was happy but deep in the forest someone wasn't happy because she did not like the sun. That person was an ugly witch. She was very surprised that hunters were in her forest and she wanted to zap them with her wand.
She hopped onto her broom and looked for them but after a while she gave up. Suddenly she remembered that there was one last place she forgot to look. So she zoomed on her broom as fast as she could. When she got there, she saw people about to kill a pig for their lunch. She quickly zapped them then trapped them into a bottle.
After the hunter's went missing for days, the hunters wrote a letter to the villagers. While they were doing that, a huge pigeon came to the window and they gave them a letter. The hunters did not read the letter instead they told the pigeon to drop the letter and they gave their letter to the pigeon and told him to give it to the villagers. Suddenly, purple smoke appeared out of nowhere. The hunters told the pigeon to go then he did.
After a while, at the village, the villagers had all gone to look for the hunters. They all spread out. Some looked in bushes and some looked under water but they were nowhere to be found. Then suddenly, a villager spotted a house with spider webs everywhere and thought maybe that's where they were. So the villager called the others and they came. While they were finding a way to get in without anyone finding out, the witch was sleeping so the hunters tried to get out. One of them kicked the window in, then suddenly a pin came out from the window. They used the pin to get them out. The hunters climbed out of the window and found the others and they went home. When the witch woke up she found herself in a cage and never did any harm again.

my Grandpas Birthday

One Saturday morning, me and my cousins went to celebrate my grandpa's birthday at his grave. We sang the birthday song. I took all of the chocolate fingers and I ate half of the icing on the cake. I was so FULL!!!.I ate all of the cake so then I had to speak Tongan. I went to the car to rest. At night I prayed to my grandpa. I love you. I'll  never forget you.                                                                                                           

Cooking and Gardening

Cooking and Gardening

This term, Room11 went to cooking and gardening. The people that had red name tags went to gardening. The blue name tag people went to cooking. I was in the cooking group. At  cooking, we made spinach triangles. We looked at the recipe. We had to get an egg and cheese. I grated the cheese.The lady I was talking to was Sarah. She was a funny helper. I liked her because she was kind. When I saw that the triangles were ready, I felt so happy. They were so yummy. I said Mmmmnn.


What to do during an earthquake

When an earthquake happens, you need to do three things. If it happens and you're in your house you need to drop under a table. Cover your body and head. Last thing is if you're under a table hold on to the table legs and stay there.Also, be aware there is a chance of a tsunami happening too.