Wednesday 22 June 2016

Great Tom

Great Tom is Mrs Ellis dog. He's a boy dog, he is a Golden Retriever. He's naughty,  funny and crazy dog too. Tom is loving dog to me and a ginger furry dog. Tom has a collar also he has a chain to hold him. He's a cute soft dog. He has sharp teeth pink tongue and has four legs. He has big round eyes that have blonde eyelashes. Tom has a black nose that is a good smell. He steals food from inside the house. Tom likes paint and his furry body. Tom wants to be a inside dog. I like Tom. 

By Ae

Awful Tom

Tom is a golden retriever. Tom is very cheeky and sneaky. His favourite  thing to do is sit on someone's lap.

Tom is a loving and naughty dog too. He is very furry and he is cute too. Mrs Ellis is Tom's owner.

Tom loves to hunt and he loves food.He has a black nose and four legs. Tom has some small dimples and painted spots. Tom is a gingery colour dog for his colour.

Tom has a collar for his  chain.He has sharp teeth and shaven spots. Tom has white whiskers and he makes a loud and funny noise.

I love Tom because he is cute,funny and cheeky.

By Celestina

Funny Dog Tom

Mrs Ellis visited with her dog Tom today in class so
we could write a character description about him
Tom the dog has brown eyes. He is furry, funny and cute with a pink tongue and white whiskers. With four legs he's a loving dog with sharp teeth. Tom smells like rubbish and paint spots. He is cheeky with a black nose. Tom is a crazy Golden Retriever with gold eyes. He has got a hair cut. Tom eats kids dirty food. He is as big as a tiger, and he's got black paws. Tom never has a shower and if kids just touch him, he could bite them.

By Hansim

Tom The Funny Dog

Tom lives with Mrs Ellis. He is a big dog and he likes to steal food from the bench.

Tom has two eyes that has golden eyelashes. Tom is a funny, crazy, loving, cute dog and he has a collar that is tied around his neck.                                                                                                             
Tom has four legs and a pink tongue. Tom is naughty but is always funny and he makes a funny noise.                     

He likes to get garbage out of the bin. He barks and he smells really bad. 

He is a golden retriever dog and he has white whiskers. He likes food when he is hungry.

I think Tom is a really cute dog. 

By Judelexus

Funny Crazy Tom

Crazy Tom is ginger and blonde dog. He has a dark black nose with golden shiny eyebrows. He also has a pinkish tongue with very sharp teeth. He has got dark brown dimples.

He is funny, crazy, big, fair, cute and loving. When you rub his ears he will make a funny noise. Sometimes Tom can be very naughty.

Tom smells like paint. He also smells funny and smelly. He barks a lot and he is a boy.

I love Tom because he is cool, happy, loving and he is great.

                             By Julian

Sunday 19 June 2016

Dear Diary

Tonight I looked up at the stars and saw the seven stars of Matariki. They were shining so brightly that I almost went blind. I was so happy to see the seven sisters. Then I ran inside and I told my family. They were so proud of me for spotting the seven stars of Matariki.

By Julian

Dear Diary

Tonight I looked up at the stars and saw the seven sisters. They were really big. I saw the bright stars forming a monkey and an umbrella, next I grabbed a cup of drink, then I saw the bright moon just sitting there.

By Ardmore

Thursday 16 June 2016

Dear Diary

Tonight I looked up at the stars and saw the seven sisters. As I looked up I saw a shooting star zooming around and it made a picture of the seven sisters. Suddenly one winked at me. Then I had to go home, and the star waved good bye.

By Celestina

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Dear Diary

Tonight I looked up at the stars and saw the seven sisters which is the same as the seven stars. One was big, which means it was the oldest out of the seven sisters. The seven stars were so bright and they had four pointy corners.

By Lauralye

Mr Crazzy Dancer

Mr  Dancer  has grey  hair  but  mostly bald. His face is wrinkly just like the fantastic waves.  His  eyes  are  black  like  the  beautiful  night sky. Mr  Crazzy Dancer has  a sharp nose thats like a sword.  He  has a blue  coat that looks like the glorious sky,  under  his  coat is a  white t-shirt.  Mr crazzy  Dancer  has  dark  blue pants like lovely water and has dark  brown shoes like chocolate.

By Kane

Monday 13 June 2016

Dear Diary

Tonight I looked up at the stars and saw the bright seven stars of Matariki. I showed my family. My family and I were looking at the seven stars moving in the sky. It went dark so we needed to go sleep.

From A'e

Wednesday 8 June 2016


Earthquakes can damage cars and buildings. The ground cracks in a earthquake. Some people can die, they get stuck under and in buildings. When an earthquake comes you need to drop, cover and hold

By Matutu

Monday 6 June 2016

Terrible Tornadoes

One Saturday night I was in my house watching TV then the power turned off. I was sitting all alone in my room. Bang! What was that I said to myself I quickly ducked under my blanket waiting for my mum and dad to walk in. They came running into my bedroom and hid under my blanket too. I can hear the window rattling. The trees outside were banging on the wall outside the house. Me and my mum and dad hid in the closet until the tornado ripped my house apart. I was so afraid I hugged my parents so tight. I walked out of my closet and saw the destruction the tornado did to my house. My neighbours house was gone too. I felt so sad my dog was missing. I cried so hard.

By Riuroa

The Wicked Windy Tornado

Tornado spins around and around,

twirl and whirl,

and they can touch the ground. 

Powerful and windy storm, 

blows my front lawn down.

By Hansim