Wednesday 14 September 2016

Life Ed

On Tuesday we went to Life Ed. We had to take our shoes off and walk inside to line up on the wall. Then we got into 4 lines on the Life Ed's new clean shiny mat. Then we used different colour lights, the red light made our blue uniform purple. The blue light made Miss E and Judelexus glow bright colours. Miss E's t-shirt was bright pink and Judelexus hair-tie was bright green.

 By Matutu 

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Bright Blue

Blue is oceans
and bubble gum. 

Blue is the taste of juicy blue berries. 

Blue smells like rain and blue berry smoothies.

Blue is squishy wobbly and watery.

Blue is water and gardens.

Blue makes me feel sad
and alone. 

Blue is wet and cold.

Blue sounds like smashing and
crashing waves.


Spring Poem

Winter is gone and Spring is here,
A rainbow began to appear.

Spring is today,
I shout hooray.

The flowers bloom,
Just like a cartoon.

Spring is a flowery season,
Sometimes I don't like the flowers for no reason.

I see buzzy bees,
Dancing around trees.

Spring is here,
So everybody start to cheer.

By Lauralye

Lovely Spring

Winter has packed away,
Spring is starting today.

I  look around I see a log,
then I see a little frog.

I see busy buzzing bees,
and leaves on trees.

It's Spring today,
so everyone shout hooray!

Spring is here,
It's what I have been waiting for all year.

By Julian


Winter is gone away,
now Spring starts today.

The trees grow leaves,
and bees live in trees.

Ring ring it's spring today,
and hello hello it's a beautiful day.

By A'e

Spring Is Here

The lovely flowers are here,
So everyone stand and cheer.

The flowers think they need to show,
But all they need to do is grow.

The green grass is here,
So everyone cheer.

In Spring it is cool,
Because I can swim in the swimming pool.

By Judelexus

Springs Back

Winter is gone but spring came back,
rainbows jump up like a jumping jack.

I see flowers glowing in the night
flowers jump high like they got a fright.

Kids walk past trees, 
you need to run away from bees.

It is aways a hot day
but we always wait to play.

I look up in the sky and see some nice clouds
they aways look very proud.

There is nice green grass
on the ground at last.

By Paea

Spring is here

Spring is out and birds are flying high,
butterflies are flying through the sky.

The trees are growing pretty bright leaves,
and bees are flying around the trees.

The sun is out and it's time too play,
Everyone say hooray hooray.

By Sophia

Lovely Spring

Spring starts today, winter is not here,

the people stand and cheer.

The people say boom,
when the flowers bloom.

The rainbow is flowing,
spring is showing.

Chat about the cool thing,
that is spring.

By Kane 


Beautiful Spring

Trees will grow bright new leaves,
Flowers are fruit for some buzzy bees'.

The long cold winter has gone away,
The beautiful spring has come today.

The wood has come back alive,
Bees are coming out of the hive.

By Monty 

Wednesday 7 September 2016


In spring the river starts to flow,
but when you walk past the trees you see a rainbow. 

The sparkly and pretty lake, 
the sun rays shine and starts to be awake. 

Winter is gone and now it is spring, 
the flowers and plants are growing and thats a good thing.

When you walk past the soft leaves, 
some of them are on trees.

In spring the sun starts to show, 
but when you look at the temperature it could be low.

By Rougene