Wednesday 26 October 2016

The Space Bus!

9am when the bell rang, Room 11 were already on the school bus for our trip to out of space. We all had our packed lunches and were siting in our seats. The bus driver AKA Miss E started the bus, it rattled siting in the driveway of the school. We slowly began to drive out of the driveway. 

As we were driving down Dawson road Miss E our teacher and our bus driver pushed the big flashing red light next to the staring wheel. Then all of a sudden I began to feel dizzy like I was going to faint right then and there. Suddenly our bus started to look funny, “We are in a rocket ship” shouted Matutu. We were flying over the other planets and around the moon when…

SMASH! BANG! CRASH! “We hit a comet” yelled Miss E as we flew towards the moon. BANG! we crash landed. Luckily we all survived. But! our rocket ship is smashed into a million little pieces. “How are we going to get home?” asked Ana. Miss E look worried as she shrugged her shoulders. 

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! we look above and there is a UFO! We all hide. When the UFO landed the ramps came out and these funny looking green aliens with one eye started walking towards us. They shout “We come in peace!” Miss E begins to walk towards them. From a distance I can see them shaking hands and talking. They all have tool belts. We begin to walk towards them as they are busy working fast to put our rocket ship bus back together. 

Finally our rocket ship is back together and we can pack up and begin to head home to planet earth. When we get back to planet earth something was strange, our school was not there anymore and on the calendar it says we are now in the year 2020!

By Room 11

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  1. WOW! Those aliens must have used some powerful tricks and technology! They fixed your ship which had broken up into tiny little pieces!!! Can I come on your next adventure Room 11? Awesome narrative!!!